The cuisine at Caviar Kaspia Roma, in the Palazzo Rhinoceros – Fondazione Fendi Esperimenti, offers the ultimate mix of Mediterranean cuisine, with clear Italian influences combined with both distinguished French culinary traditions and classic international cuisine. The caviar therefore presents a niche proposal within our menu, and one that is ideal for this fusion concept between the world’s two greatest culinary traditions. The cooking techniques and the plating of the dishes also respect the hallmarks of quality and good health that characterise modern food handling and production systems food and dish presentation for guests. Only the finest quality raw materials are used, guaranteeing freshness and nutritional value in each and every recipe.
Our cuisine is based on the sensations that fresh, raw ingredients can evoke, their colour, their aroma. It’s with this very careful contemplation and passion, that we reinvent the raw materials, always seeking to enhance their quality and taste. Hence, our cuisine offers a rich mix of different ingredients, colours, aromas and textures which blend harmoniously together on the plate

At lunchtime, we offer business lunches, providing guests with a more quick-paced service in a less formal setting than in the evening, but always remaining true to our core values. This service gives guests the opportunity to taste our creations that always reflect the nutritional values and flavours intended for each dish, which are designed to form part of – and hopefully the highlight of – a busy working day. The evening menu, meanwhile, presents a more refined selection of dishes, designed to indulge our guests, to offer them unforgettable moments of pure emotion as they embark on a unique journey of tastes, aromas, colours and sights, all while staying true to the same culinary concept.

Our chefs use contemporary cooking techniques such as vacuum-sealing and low-temperature cooking, demonstrating their utmost respect for both the products and guests. In doing so, they pay meticulous attention not only to flavour and aroma – the true indicators of excellence in cuisine – but also to our guests’ daily requirements in terms of nutrition, calories and energy in pursuit of a consistent, joint quest for excellence in cuisine and healthy living.


At Terrazza Rhinoceros, the palate is satisfied with a menu which revisits the classics of the Parisian brand. A versatile and constantly evolving enogastronomic proposal. A unique location, a fusion of the ancient and the modern, where your gaze is lost among the hills, rooftops, cupolas and ancient ruins retracing the millennial history of the city. The flavors of Russian cuisine and traditional Italian products encounter, influence and contaminate.


Giovanni Giammarino, born in Rome, trained with Heinz Beck at La Pergola del Rome Cavalieri. After several important experiences in Italy and abroad, he became Head Chef and Executive Chef in important catering firms and hotels. After being Head Chef of the Hotel Me, il Duca di Milano, Giovanni returned to his hometown with Kike Sarasola to create Caviar Kaspia in the palazzo rhinoceros.