Here, where Roman history was born, Jean Nouvel imagined a completely innovative place.
The interiors of Caviar Kaspia Roma feature large windows overlooking the Forum and rectangular mirrors placed along the walls allow guests to enjoy the view outside. The passage of time, Roman history, modernity and a never-ending construction are the spirit of the palazzo rhinoceros.


The two panoramic terraces, which seem to float above the Palatine domus, offer a spectacular 360° view of Imperial Rome and the famous Roman hills.


Kike Sarasola, Gold Medal by Spain’s Ministry of Tourism, is a trendsetting pioneer in the industry thanks to his visionary, disruptive and rebellious character. Among the activities, he is also President and Founder of the successful Room Mate Group, which includes hotels, apartments, hotelier consultancy services and, now, The Rooms of the World.
The innovative Spanish entrepreneur Kike Sarasola is the creator of Caviar Kaspia Roma, a new gastronomic excellence in the heart of the imperial Rome.